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Over 250,000 children go to sleep each night on the street and in the slums of Kolkata (Calcutta), hungry and without proper shelter or protection. Over the last 17 years, The Hope Foundation has continuously worked to raise funds to support over 60 on the ground projects, helping to lift Kolkata’s most vulnerable children out of poverty, cruelty and destitution. HOPE engages with these children, and their communities through programmes in Protection, Healthcare & Nutrition, Education, Life Skills & Vocational Training, Awareness & Capacity Building and Emergency Response.

Did you know?

HOPE is strongly tied to local communities around Ireland, and especially Cork through our School Immersion Programme. We work with over 50 secondary schools and 300 students each year in development education where transition year and fifth year students learn about sustainable development and international relations while learning a lot about themselves through interpersonal development.

The public can get involved with HOPE in a variety of ways: via secondary and third-level institutions, sponsoring a child, overseas volunteering in Kolkata, community fundraising and corporate sponsorship, to name a few.

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